The First Ikebana
Studio In Lebanon

The Japanese Art Of Flower Arrangement

Another World of Art & Culture

My art philosophy is based on contemporary Sogetsu ikebana. My first encounter with ikebana was a lesson in Shanghai in 2015. When I went on a trip the same year to tokyo I knew then that I had found my passion. A Sogetsu student lead me to a flower school in Puxi, Shanghai whereby I spent more than 3 years learning Ikebana principles and techniques with Japanese and Chinese Senseis Mark Tajima and Ms Qiang Jing.

Spreading Ikebana Art & Culture

I wish to spread ikebana art and culture through the first ikebana school in Lebanon teaching Sogetsu textbooks in my atelier that I founded and organizing classes and workshops of a variety of popular arts especially Japanese by collaborating with Japanese instructors to give insight into the artistic creativity in Japan and the values of refinement, harmony and discernment that shapes societies.

Workshops &

Learn ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement and bound with flowers. During this workshop using natural and seasonal flowers, you will explore the basics and techniques of Ikebana that will give you a new understanding of floral design. Take your flowers home and use your new knowledge and skills to recreate your piece of art. It is a life-long learning experience, that will reinforce your skills, and intensify your experience of the culture of Ikebana and discipline including harmony and balance.

From Our Students

Jessica’s hands-on mentoring has been invaluable to me. Her knowledge, eye for detail and positive energy has made this workshop a very enjoyable experience.

Jessica is such an inspirational teacher, she's enthusiastic, disciplined and professional!

It was very practical, with step-by-step instructions on how to do things. The workbook is a great resource which I'll be using again and again!