Bring Your Flower
Dreams To Life

Whether you want to grow flowers in your backyard to share with your family, friends, and community… Build a flower business from a hobby that you love … Or simply bring more joy and beauty into your life through flowers… You’re in the right place.

What You Will Learn

An introduction to Japanese flower arrangement, begins with an explanation of the history and aesthetics of ikebana. Participants will learn how to use the materials, tools and necessary techniques to create beautiful flower arrangements. You will bring home not only the flowers but the technique to create a beautiful ikebana.
You can proceed with your Ikebana studies through the Sogetsu curriculum experiencing the joy of expressing yourself with plants. The Sogetsu Textbooks 1,2,3,4 and 5 are used in the lessons. They cover all the necessary basics for beginners to deepen their understanding of the plant materials, and eventually master a high level of self-expression through flowers. Upon completion of curriculum 1 which is 20 Lessons in about 6 months, application can be made in Sogetsu headquarter for The First Certificate (Yonkyu). As well for the other curriculums , application for certification can be made upon completion.

Intro to Ikebana hands on vase

Moribana Introduction to rules

nageire introduction to rules

standalone practice